Judith-Kate Friedman is a performing songwriter, poet, and folk/roots artist whose award-winning work celebrates liberation and transformation. She delivers original songs and improvisations that lift the heart with courage, playfulness, humor, and groove. Her concerts and recordings have been described as tapestries through which hope, honesty, and possibility dance like bright threads. With voice, guitar, piano, and percussion, she invites and delights the spirit, connecting us more deeply with each other and ourselves.



Judith-Kate Friedman’s moving concerts of award-winning original folk, roots, jazz and blues delight audiences of all kinds. From poignant history sagas and heart-lifting ballads of love, risk and change, to stories celebrating liberation and transformation, her songs connect us more deeply with ourselves and each other.

Honesty, playfulness, imagination and improvisation weave like colorful threads into the tapestries of her memorable performances and recordings, as she draws us in masterfully, with soulful voice and sparkling guitar.

The Braid Grows Strong

Although I’m tired I pick up each thread
of the most important things, those calling me to attention.
Here, they whisper, don’t forget, every strand of our purpose,
every fiber of our being matters, and can be woven,
beautifully, patiently, imperfectly woven,
in with the others so that the braid grows strong,
and stronger. Then, listen to how the strands sing.
They pick up the melody of breezes and thawing snow,
footprints and baby’s breath, small clouds,
nuances close up and from a distance. This is the way
we meet each other, first gathering the strands of purpose and self.
Then walking in the winter light out to the mailbox
on the rural roads and suburban streets of our hearts and homes.
Following the tiptoe pacings: neighbors, birds bouncing on branches
stillness awakening in readiness for something else, something more. Ah – here it is.
The togethernesses — where we begin to weave this
greater fabric, following its sound and pace. Like the vast fungi
on the forest floor remind us – we are of one piece. Love springs up,
peace has its way, night is followed by day, we need not wait,
for all things beckon and hold us, strand upon strand now
and forward,
Judith-Kate Friedman, 2017

“Judith-Kate Friedman’s voice has all the power of a hurricane delivered in a lullaby”

-Guy Davis, Bluesman